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Terms and Conditions for Weddings

Thank your for deciding to have your wedding at Croan. We will do our best to ensure that your big day goes off without a hitch and that a good time is had by you and all of your guests.

There are some reasonable terms and conditions to bear in mind when making your booking with us. These terms are designed to protect your rights, the rights of our other guests and ourselves. Each wedding party must print, sign and return a copy of these terms and conditions to us when they make a booking.

1. A wedding contract is issued, once the booking deposit of 50% is received (Non-refundable). This deposit secures a booking for all 5 cottages and the venue for your agreed date. The remaining 50% payment is normally due at least 6 months prior to the Wedding Date. We reserve the right to cancel your function if payment conditions are not upheld.

2. A damage deposit of € 2, 000 will be taken from each bridal party prior to your wedding. This deposit will be refunded 7 days after your event. Deductions will be made from your deposit to cover the cost of any repair or service which may be required as a result of the actions of your wedding guests or contractors.

3. All cancellations must be in writing and all deposits are non-refundable. If cancellation is received within 6 months of your wedding date and after final payment has been made we reserve the right to retain all money paid. It is advisable that you take out wedding insurance for cover of an unforeseen cancellation.

4. Your wedding booking includes the use of all 5 self catering cottages at Croan, subject to their usual terms and conditions (available here). Each of the 2 bedroom cottages accommodate up to 4 people plus 1 infant and each of the 3 bedroom cottages accommodate up to 6 people plus 1 infant. Extra guests above these limits are not permitted.

4a. Camping is not permitted anywhere on the grounds at Croan.

5. A weekend wedding in July and August includes the hire of the cottages for 2 weeks from the Saturday before your wedding date. A wedding booking outside this period includes the use of the cottages for 2 nights - the night preceding and the night of your wedding. By prior arrangement, we can extend this period. An appropriate booking fee will apply.

6. Please inform your guests that check-in time for accommodation is from 4.00pm, and check-out time is 12 Noon on the day after your wedding day.

7. Prices quoted include all taxes.

8. There is a strict attendance limit of 120 guests at your wedding. This includes 'evening only' guests. Breeches of this limit will result in the early termination of your celebration.

9. We reserve the right to insist that you close your bar and terminate any live or recorded music on the night of your wedding if we feel that it is necessary.

10. We reserve the right to cancel the event in the following circumstances - Where we have reason to believe the booking might prejudice the reputation of Croan Cottages or should any guests attending the event behave in any way considered to be detrimental, offensive or contrary to normal expected standards of behaviour.

11. The Bride and Groom are responsible for the behaviour and actions of their guests while at Croan. Inappropriate or offensive behaviour will result in your event being stopped early or cancelled. Local Gardai will be informed that your event is taking place and will be called immediatley should any inappropriate or offensive behaviour take place.

11a. Irish Law must be complied with at all times and the bridal party and their guests must follow the directions of An Garda Siochana at all times, should they be given.

12. Although all reasonable care will be taken, Croan Cottages cannot accept any responsibility for property lost or damaged prior to, during or after the function. The client will be financially responsible for any loss or damage sustained to the property during their function.

13. Due to any unforeseen circumstances or accidents, the venue reserves the right to cancel any booking and refund any deposit at any time.

14. While we recommend that your wedding guests should make their own bookings with us for any extended stays, ultimate responsibility for damage to our property rests with the wedding party.

15. Your marquee and other equipment must not arrive on site before your stay at the cottages begins - normally the day before the wedding.

16. Your marquee and other equipment must be moved off-site the day after your wedding. Additional charges will apply for each day that the marquee or other equipment remain on site.

17. The throwing of confetti is limited to natural rose petals only. A clear up charge of €150 will be applied if any other confetti is thrown as this then needs to be hand picked up from the gardens.

18. Due to the presence of animals and a pond on the grounds, children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. Whilst we encourage guests to enjoy the garden walks and woodlands, please note that care must be taken as walkways and stairs may be slippery, particularly when wet.

19. Please remind your guests that all of our cottages are strictly NO SMOKING. There will be a deduction from your deposit for any cottage in which your guests have smoked.

20. We obviously cannot accept responsibility for the actions or failures of outside contractors and service providers.

21. Parking is limited at Croan. We suggest that you recommend to your guests that they leave their cars at their accommodation and use taxis or coaches to get to your reception.

22. The grounds and cottages must be left in a clean and tidy fashion after your event. 

23. The bridal party must ensure that your catering and bar staff seperate waste for recycling where possible. Additional charges will be applied for waste disposal in the event that recyclable and non-recyclabe wastes are mixed and left for disposal.

24. Croan Cottages will not be liable for failure to comply with any terms and conditions, to the extent such compliance is prevented, hindered or delayed by any cause beyond it's control including but not limited to fire, storm, explosion, flood, act of God, action by any Government or agency, shortage of materials or goods, strike or lock-out.

25. We may take the opportunity to update our terms from time to time, it is your responsibility to check on any updates. A copy of these terms and conditions can be obtained from us at any time.

Niamh and Francis
Croan Cottages,
Co. Kilkenny

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