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CCTV policy

Croan Cottages CCTV Policy

Author: Francis Nesbitt

Version: 1.0



1. Introduction

This Policy sets out the basic conditions of use for Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems by Croan Cottages. It describes the purpose and location of CCTV monitoring, a contact for those wishing to discuss CCTV monitoring and guidelines for its use.

All persons involved in the planning, supervision or operation of such a CCTV scheme will familiarise themselves with this document from the outset.

This Policy document seeks compliance with Irish Law (Data Protection Acts, 1988, 2003 and 2018) and European Law (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (GDPR). This Policy highlights certain legal obligations set down in the Data Protection Acts and EU  Regulations. In order for this Policy to remain relevant to the day to day activities of CCTV operation, it needs to be updated as practice and understanding of the laws in this area develop. Accordingly, this Policy will be kept under review to ensure that it remains relevant in the context of changes in technology, and compliant with any developments in this area.

2. Purpose of Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Croan Cottages’s use of CCTV complies with relevant legislation, regulations and standards - the Data Protection Acts 1988/2003/2018 and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR).

3. Purpose of CCTV System

CCTV surveillance at Croan Cottages is intended for the purposes of:

1.       Overt Monitoring; Surveillance is performed using devices that are visible and obvious and which are notified by easily-read signs in prominent positions. The locations of all cameras are listed in the Croan Cottages CCTV Schedule.

2.       Deterring, detecting and defending against criminal, malicious and anti-social behaviour on property and persons at Croan Cottages.

3.       Protecting Croan Cottages buildings and assets;

4.       Promoting the safety and security of staff, contractors and guests by helping to secure a safer environment;

5.       Investigating accidents or dangerous occurrences;

6.       Supporting an Garda Síochána in deterring and detecting crime;

7.       Assisting in identifying, apprehending and prosecuting offenders;

8.       Identifying the occurrence of anti-social activity that may cause offence or nuisance to other guests


4. Scope

This applies to all personnel utilising Croan Cottages premises including, but not limited to Croan Cottages staff, employees, contractors, visitors and members of the general public.

This policy relates directly to the location and use of CCTV and the monitoring, recording and subsequent use of such recorded material by Croan Cottages and third parties.

Croan Cottages will ensure that CCTV systems, where installed, are operated only in a way that is compatible with the provisions of this policy.

5. General Principles

Croan Cottages has a statutory responsibility to protect Croan Cottages property and equipment as well as providing a sense of security to its staff, guests and invitees to its premises.

Croan Cottages owes a duty of care under the provisions of Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 and associated legislation and utilises CCTV systems and its associated monitoring and recording equipment as an added mode of security and surveillance for the purpose of enhancing the quality of life at Croan Cottages premises by integrating the best practices governing the surveillance of its premises.

The primary aim of the CCTV monitoring of Croan Cottages premises is to deter, detect and defend against crime and vandalism and to assist in the protection and safety of the said property and its associated equipment and materials.

CCTV monitoring of public areas, for security purposes, will be conducted in a manner consistent with this policy.

Monitoring for security purposes and all purposes outlined in Section 3 above will be conducted in a professional, ethical and legal manner and any diversion of the use of CCTV security technologies and personnel for any other purpose is prohibited by this policy. For example CCTV monitoring of political or religious activities, or employee evaluations would undermine the acceptability of the resources for use regarding critical safety and security objectives and is therefore prohibited by this policy.

Video monitoring of public areas, for security purposes at Croan Cottages, is limited to areas that do not violate the reasonable expectation to privacy as defined by law.

Reasonable expectation of privacy means that any limitation of the person’s right to privacy should be proportionate to the likely damage to Croan Cottages’s legitimate interests if such monitoring did not take place.

All CCTV systems and associated equipment will be required to be compliant with this policy following its adoption by Croan Cottages. Recognisable images captured by CCTV systems are “personal data.” They are therefore subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Acts 1988, 2003 and 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”)

No CCTV systems or recording systems of any description may be installed or used on Croan Cottages property without the express written permission of the owner.


The use of CCTV to monitor Croan Cottages premises for security purposes has been deemed to be justified by Croan Cottages where it is satisfied that there is a proven risk to security and safety of Croan Cottages personnel, contractors, visitors, staff and the general public, as well as Croan Cottages assets, when no CCTV is present and that the installation of CCTV is proportionate in addressing such issues.

The system’s purpose is to deter unauthorised entry, to detect unauthorised entry and malicious behaviour, and to assist in the defence of Croan Cottages property & personnel.


In relevant circumstances, CCTV footage may be accessed:

·         By authorised Croan Cottages Personnel (see below);

·         By An Garda Síochána where Croan Cottages are required by law to make a report regarding the commission of a suspected crime;

·         By third party security companies retained by Croan Cottages to operate CCTV and other security functions;

·         Following a request, by An Garda Síochána when a crime or suspected crime has taken place and/or when it is suspected that illegal/anti-social behaviour is taking place on Croan Cottages property;

·         By third party providers who provide security services to Croan Cottages;

·         By data subjects (or their legal representatives), pursuant to an access request where the time, date and location of the recordings is furnished to Croan Cottages (see Croan Cottages's Data Subject Request Policy);

·         By individuals (or their legal representatives) subject to a court order;

·         By Croan Cottages’s insurance company where the insurance company requires same in order to pursue a claim for damage done to the insured property or persons;

·         Where there has been a suspected or actual breach of the Croan Cottages Dignity at Work policy;

·         By State bodies or agencies that have a legal entitlement to access this data.

Information obtained through video monitoring may be downloaded from the system and viewed by the owner of Croan Cottages only.

In line with best practice and the requirements of the Croan Cottages Data Subject Request Policy, Croan Cottages has formalised its approach to handling requests from Data Subjects to exercise their rights in relation to their Personal Data under its control.

Any person whose image is recorded on a CCTV system has a right to seek and be supplied with a copy of their own personal data from the footage. To exercise that right, a person is asked to make an application in writing (Appendix 2- “Subject Access Request” format).

Such requests shall be made to Croan Cottages and shall provide Croan Cottages with a reasonable indication of the timeframe of the recording being sought i.e. they will provide details of the approximate time and the specific date(s) on which their image was recorded (see Appendix 2 - Data Access Request for the suggested format for any requests.).

Requests should be sent by email to info@croancottages.com or by post to:

Croan House, Dunnamaggan, Co. Kilkenny


If Croan Cottages receives a request where it is not the Data Controller, the request will be returned to the requestor and Croan Cottages will notify the requestor of the identity of the Data Controller should it have that information and it be lawful to supply it.

Where there are images of other staff/personnel present in the data requested, these may need to be pixelated and redacted.

If a law enforcement authority, such as An Garda Síochána, is seeking a recording for a specific investigation, An Garda Síochána may require a warrant and accordingly any such request made by An Garda Síochána will be requested in writing and Croan Cottages may seek legal advice.

If CCTV footage which is the subject of a criminal investigation by an Garda Síochána is requested by a data subject by means of a data subject access request, access may be refused under Data Protection Act legislation.


The location of cameras is a key consideration. Cameras will be sited in such a way that they only monitor those spaces which are intended to be covered by the system.

Croan Cottages, endeavours to select locations for the installation of CCTV cameras which are least intrusive and which protect the privacy of individuals and guests. Croan Cottages will only use the cameras in order to achieve the purposes for which the system has been installed.

Cameras will be in positions to allow the recording of external areas (save for inside Croan House and other private ‘internal areas’) and placed in such a way as to prevent or minimise the recording of passers-by, or of another person's private property.

An “internal area” typically includes sheds where goods and stock are held.

A risk assessment will be used in each location to identify valuable movable assets.

This assessment will also determine what quality of camera is needed in each area. The following areas will be considered:

1.       The entrance to the property

2.       Livestock which could be subject to theft.

3.       Where private property is stored in a shared area (for example the carpark)

4.       There may be reasonable need to examine perimeter fencing around farm buildings.

A Data Protection Impact Assessment will be carried out at each location to identify CCTV impact on the rights and freedoms of natural persons.


Croan Cottages will provide a copy of this CCTV Policy on request to staff, and visitors to Croan Cottages premises. It will also be accessible via the Croan Cottages website.

Adequate signage will be placed at each location in which a CCTV camera(s) is sited to indicate that CCTV is in operation.

Adequate signage will also be prominently displayed at the entrance to Croan Cottages property where there is CCTV in operation. Signage will also be placed on the door or window of each cottage (front and rear) to inform visitors of the use of CCTV.

Each sign will show a recognisable camera icon and a warning to state that “CCTV cameras in operation”. Given the nature of the business conducted at Croan Cottages, signage will be provided in a variety of European languages so that there is a reasonable likelihood that all guests are aware that CCTV is in use.

10.               STORAGE & RETENTION

CCTV images will be retained for no longer than is necessary. The images captured by the CCTV will be retained for a maximum of one year, except where the image identifies an issue and is retained specifically in the context of an investigation/prosecution of that issue or is required for scientific purposes.

The recorded footage and the monitoring equipment shall be securely stored with a log of access kept by the Site Manager. Unauthorised access to that storage facility is not permitted at any time. The storage facility is locked when not occupied.


The owner will:

·         Ensure that the use of CCTV systems is implemented in accordance with the policy set down by Croan Cottages.

·         Oversee and co-ordinate the use of CCTV monitoring for safety and security purposes at Croan Cottages.

·         Ensure that the CCTV monitoring at Croan Cottages is consistent with the highest standards and protections.

·         Review camera locations and be responsible for the release of any information or recorded CCTV materials stored in compliance with this policy.

·         Maintain a record of access (e.g. an access log) to or the release of tapes / storage media or any material recorded or stored in the system.

·         Maintain a record of the number and nature of enquiries received together with an outline of each action taken.

·         Ensure that the perimeter of view from fixed location cameras conforms to this policy both internally and externally.

·         Give consideration to staff feedback/complaints regarding possible invasion of privacy or confidentiality due to the location of a particular CCTV camera or associated equipment.

·         Ensure through the implementation of a Data Protection Impact Assessment that all areas being monitored are not in breach of an enhanced expectation of the privacy of individuals within Croan Cottages and be mindful that no such infringement is likely to take place.

·         Ensure that cameras are non-intrusive in terms of their positions and views of neighbouring residential housing and comply with the principle of “Reasonable Expectation of Privacy”.

·         Ensure that images/recordings are stored for a period not longer than set out in section 10.

·         Ensure that camera control is solely in compliance with this policy.

·         Ensure that camera control is not infringing an individual’s reasonable expectation of privacy in public areas.

13. Appeals process

Where a person to whom this policy applies has a concern in relation to the policy itself, or its implementation, that person should contact the owner outlining their concerns.

Any person also has a right to raise concerns with the office of the Data Commissioner and contact details may be found here: https://www.dataprotection.ie/en/contact/how-contact-us


The policy will be reviewed and evaluated from time to time. On-going review and evaluation will take cognisance of changing information or guidelines e.g. from the Data Protection Commissioner, An Garda Síochána, Audit units (internal and external to Croan Cottages), the Article 29 Working Party (The European Data Protection Board) and the European Commission, national management bodies, legislation and feedback from staff and others.

The date from which the policy will apply is the date of adoption by Croan Cottages.

16. Related Documents

·         EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”)

·         Data Protection Act 1988

·         Data Protection (amendment) Act 2003

·         Data Protection Act 2018


Definitions of words/phrases used in relation to the protection of personal data and referred to in the text of the policy;

CCTV Closed-circuit television is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place on a limited set of monitors. The images may then be recorded on video tape or DVD or other digital recording mechanism.

The Data Protection Acts The Data Protection Acts 1988, 2003 and 2018 confer rights on individuals as well as responsibilities on those persons handling, processing, managing and controlling personal data. All Croan Cottages staff must comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Acts when collecting and storing personal information. This applies to personal information relating both to employees of the organisation and individuals who interact with the organisation.

Personal Data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person ("data subject"); an identifiable person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that person.

Access Request This is where a person makes a request to the organisation for the disclosure of their

personal data under Article 15 of the GDPR.

Data Processing ‘processing’ means any operation or set of operations which is performed on personal data or on sets of personal data, whether or not by automated means, such as collection, recording, organisation, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure or destruction

Data Subject an identified or identifiable natural person Data Controller Means the natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other body which, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data. In this case it will be Croan Cottages.

Data Processor Means a natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other body which processes personal data on behalf of the controller. Security companies that place and operate cameras on behalf of clients are considered to be "Data Processors”,


Date issued: _____________

Access Request Form: Request for a copy of Personal Data under the GDPR and the

Data Protection Act 2018

Full Name


Contact number * Email addresses *

* We ask for this as we may need to contact you to discuss your access request

I, …………………………………………………..[insert name] wish to be informed whether or not Croan Cottages

holds personal data about me and to be provided with a description of this data and to be

informed of the purpose for holding such data. I am making this access request under Article

15(1) of the General Data Protection Regulation.


I, ………………………………………………….. [Insert name], wish to make an access request for a copy

of any personal data that Croan Cottages holds about me. I am making this access request under

Article 15(3) of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Any other information relevant to your access request (e.g. if requesting images/recordings

made by CCTV, please state the date, time and location of the images/recordings (otherwise

it may be very difficult or impossible for Croan Cottages to locate the data).

Signed ……………………………………… Date ……………


Checklist: Have you:

1) Completed the Access Request Form in full? 

2) Signed and dated the Access Request Form? 

3) Included a photocopy of official/State photographic identity document (driver’s licence,

passport etc.) *. 

*Note to Croan Cottages: Croan Cottages will satisfy itself as to the identity of the individual and make a note

in the records that identity has been provided, will not retain a copy of the identity document.

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