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EcoClub.com – Eco Friendly Tourism

We try to run Croan Cottages in as sustainable a way as possible. We have described some of the measures we implement on our Eco-Friendly Accommodation page.

As part of this, we have joined EcoClub.com. EcoClub is an organisation dedicated to promoting sustainable, environmentally friendly tourism. Criteria for membership includes:

  1. That the accommodation is locally-owned and managed by a family.
  2. That the holiday accommodation minimises its environmental impact in terms of its location, infrastructure and operation.
  3. That the tourism operation meets the real needs of the local community, supports local projects and contributes to employment.
  4. That the member supports the goals of  eliminating poverty, inequality, injustice, oppression, prejudice & exploitation of all types.
  5. That the accommodation provider promotes knowledge, solidarity & mutual support.

We work hard to make our environmental goals transparent to our guests, we provide as much information to them as they would like. However, we do not force our principles on to others. Many of our environmental facilities and principles have been implemented in a way which means that guests are minimising their impact on the environment, often without realising it.

We want our guests to enjoy their stay in our self catering cottages and we simply want to help minimise the impact of our business on the environment.

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