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Pictures at the Priory, Kells

Each year, the local Church of Ireland parish run a charity event called Pictures at the Priory. This is an exhibition and sale of artworks and crafts produced by artists from throughout Ireland.

The event is an excellent opportunity for people to visit the ‘Priory’ a historic house in Kells village. Originally built for the Rector of the parish, the house was designed by the famous architect James Hoban, who later went on to design the White House in Washington DC.

Artists exhibiting will include William Grace, John Flinn and Paul Christopher Flynn, together with artists from the entire Southeast region, promising a wide variety of approaches to the visual arts and a range of sizes and prices to suit everyone.

The exhibition opens at 7pm on the 6th, 8th and 10th of May. Tickets cost €5 at the door and include a wine and cheese reception.

This is a great event and we never miss it.

Pictures at the Priory, Kells, Kilkenny

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