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Newsletter May 2008

We’ve spent a busy Spring hanging gates in the walled garden to keep out the bunnies and preparing our planting plans and beds for the season.

Thankfully the Spring has been much better than last year so we’ve been able to plant up the beds with fodder crops for the animals for next Winter and some fruit, veg and salad crops to kick off our self sufficiency dreams, at least on a small, figure-it-out basis.

We’ve also been making the most of the beautiful weather over the last week or so to finally begin planting up the beds in the now completed greenhouse.

While keeping the bunnies out of the walled garden has been a priority, the geese have taken up residence within its confines and have made nests on the compost heap. We’re hoping the extra protection and lack of stress from having their nests robbed will translate into a brood of healthy goslings, that’s if the heat from the compost doesn’t scramble the eggs first!

During a busy Easter we became parents to four orphan lambs who have really thrived and are almost weaned at this point. Our own ewe, Eunice, had a ram lamb last week and he’s doing really well after an initially rocky start. It’s great to see him running around in the open, following the bigger ones.

Ruby, our half Angus cow is heavily pregnant, expecting her first calf in July and Bo, our calf from last year is doing really well, almost as big as her big sister.

May, June and July, our three large black sows are in fine form though none, unfortunately, is expecting piglets this Summer.

Pierre the peacock is in fine feather at the moment, strutting his stuff to impress the ladies of all species as his mating instincts are in full swing.

Unfortunately, one of our Muscovy drakes took off in search of a mate a couple of weeks ago so we’re hoping he’s found love in a safe and happy environment.

Have a great Summer,
Niamh, Francis, Bella and Poppy.


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