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Honey Semifreddo

04.08 2017 Honey Semifreddo

A Semifreddo (half cold) is not an ice cream, there’s no custard involved, no machinery (except a whisk) – it’s an all together easier but delicious dessert to make. What you get is a smooth, soft block of almost frozen cream, with a deep, smooth texture. This recipe is based on one published in the Sunday Times on the day I processed the Honey harvest from the hives at Croan. It seemed perfectly timed and...

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Italian Steak Marinade

15.07 2017 Italian Steak Marinade

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Venison Burgers

15.07 2017 Venison Burgers

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Meadowsweet Cordial and Granita

15.07 2017 Meadowsweet Cordial and Granita

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Leftover Pork, Sausage, Chorizo and Bean Stew

01.05 2017 Leftover Pork, Sausage, Chorizo and Bean Stew

I love using up leftovers! Having put so much effort into cooking a meal, it would be criminal not to use up all of it – particularly the meat. When you grow and raise your own food, the need to use up every bit of it becomes even more intense. This dish came about from having lots of leftover Roast Pork and some sausages that weren’t needed at Breakfast. Add in some Chorizo, a can...

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