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Newsletter Spring 2006

Spring at Croan has been very late in coming and by now all of the
animals are truly sick of Hay are are keen to get out on grass.

The delay in Spring arriving did mean that our display of daffodils
seemed to go on much longer this year and the drive looked great with
a blaze of yellow down each side. Now the yellow is being replaced
with the citrus green young leaves as they appear on the old lime

The Cherry Blossom Trees always
put on a spectacular show in Spring.

As Easter was late this year, it coincided with the flowering of
the Blossom trees around the cottages. Together with the primroses
in the hedgerows we really were spoiled with some beautiful displays.

June, one of our Large Black Sows gave birth to 8 healthy piglets
on Tuesday the 4th of April. Mother and piglets are doing well.

Large Black sow, June, with her new litter of piglets.


April is also the time of year for our Geese to begin laying. While
the gander is a little more cranky than usual, it's a sign that he's
protecting the nests which our two geese are diligently minding. We
hope to have a couple of new goslings in a couple of weeks.


Pierre the Peacock, now feels
well and truly at home anywhere on the property – including
places he shouldn't. Take the boot of our 1972 Triumph Spitfire,
for example!


restoration work

Much of the restoration work on Croan's walled garden is now complete.
We have replaced the missing South wall, the potting shed is complete
and has been put to some serious use already.

The large Douglas Fir greenhouse which is being erected against the
North wall is nearing completion but will not be ready in time to
help with the propogation of this year's seeds unfortunately. However,
we are still hoping to get a crop of Cucurbits and Tomatoes from it
later in the summer.


This view through the the arch in one of
the old walls in the Kitchen garden shows the new paths being
laid out over the winter.


Our garden research last year, in the national archives and locally,
resulted in the formal layout which we have applied in the walled
garden. The 1 acre enclosed space has been divided into 4 main quarters
and these are seperated by crossed paths. Another path encircles them
and divides them from the wall beds. Even now, when planting is at
a minimum, it is still lovely to walk the paths in the garden and
look out over the lower parts of the wall toward Castle Morres woods.

This view of the Garden from one
of the cottages shows the layout of the beds and the new greenhouse
under construction!

The planting of the fruit bushes is now completed and the orchard
stock has been supplemented with some more heritage varieties from
our friends in Irish Seed Savers. The fruit stock now consists of
a number of varieties of Apple, Pear, Plum and Cherry trees. In the
walled garden, conditions allow us to also grow Nectarine, Peach,
Fig and even Kiwi trees against the North wall.

So far this year we've been able to plant our Potatoes, Onions, Garlic
and Peas, but there is still plenty of work to be done during the
coming months.

The girls have become great friends
and Bella doesn't seem to be as jealous of the affection we
show Poppy.


We have recently increased the range of meals on offer to our guests.
This service proved very popular last year (particularly with mums).

We're looking forward to a busy season, welcoming back old friends
and meeting many new ones. Be sure to keep checking our website www.CroanCottages.com
for further updates as our walled garden renovation proceeds.

Have a great summer,

Niamh, Francis, Bella and Poppy.

Croan Cottages,


Co. Kilkenny

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