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Self Catering Accommodation with Broadband

We have installed Wireless Broadband at Croan to make Internet access available for our guests.

Now you can stay in touch online while you relax in your self catering cottage at Croan.

Free Wireless Broadband means that you will have access to email and the Internet.

It's FREE! Our guests are free to take advantage of our wireless broadband Internet access at no extra cost.

However, Croan Cottages are in a rural location and the Broadband speed available to us is extremely limited! What we have available to us, we share with the cottages but the speed is not sufficient to stream videos, etc. 

Wireless Coverage

Anyone familiar with using wireless networks to access the Internet will know that there are sometimes problems in getting good coverage and that the number of devices connecting at the same time will have an impact on the quality of the connection.

Coverage in each cottage will depend on:

  • the location of your wireless device
  • the number of other devices trying to connect at the same time. If there are lots of devices with WiFi enabled (even if they are not being used) then the connection INSIDE your cottage will fail.
  • weather - yes, this has an impact on the wireless signal between Croan House and your cottage.
  • time of the year. In the summer months when all of the trees and shrubs are in full leaf, then the signal between the base-station and the cottages will be interrupted.
If you are having problems connecting inside your cottage, you will still be able to connect to WiFi when outside, closer to the base-station at Croan House. 


Unless there is a fault on the line, there is generally good coverage outside in the gardens and grounds around the self catering cottages.

self catering accommodation with broadband access

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What our Guests say

Nancy and Mary The US

We so enjoyed our visit at Croan! It will provide us with many fond memories. Thank you so much for providing this lovely respite from the rest of the World! Until next time...

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