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Mediterranean Style Stew with Herby Sausages

02.05 2018 Mediterranean Style Stew with Herby Sausages

Sometimes the best recipes are developed from necessity. In this case, I had a lot of sausages that really needed to be used up soon. Mid-week, there tends not to be time for cooked breakfasts and I needed an evening meal. The result? A Mediterranean style stew but with herby sausages. The other ingredients are store cupboard staples here and this really is an adaptable recipe. Don’t worry if you are missing one or two of...

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Simple Turkey Giblet Stock

23.12 2017 Simple Turkey Giblet Stock

This is the stock I’ll use to make the gravy on Christmas day and it is so much nicer than anything you get from a cube! For the biggest dinner of the year, push the boat out a bit and give this a try. You can make this up on the 23rd and have it ready in the fridge for the big day. Ingredients Turkey Heart, Liver and Neck (I don’t use the gizzard) 1 onion, sliced...

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Extra Creamy Carbonara Inspired Fettucine

06.12 2017 Extra Creamy Carbonara Inspired Fettucine

This is made extra creamy with the addition of yoghurt. I like it like this because I love to be able to mop the plate with a crusty piece of garlic bread or ciabatta. This is a great dinner to make is a hurry or to use up leftover ham. SERVES 4 Ingredients: • 340g of fettuccine per person (or linguine or spaghetti) • 1 tsp olive oil • 160g of Guanciale (or leftover ham), chopped per person • 100ml...

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Pickled Peppers

06.10 2017 Pickled Peppers

I love hot food and we grow plenty of Chillies at Croan. Unfortunately, this is not a crop which provides a steady supply throughout the year.By the end of September the fruits are ripening and then at some point in October the vast bulk are ready for harvest.While some plants (live Demon Red) will continue to fruit right up to December, when the main glut comes, we harvest and pickle! This is very easy, you...

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Courgette and Apple Cake

08.09 2017 Courgette and Apple Cake

In early Autumn, we are blessed with an abundance in the Garden. No matter how hard you try to stay on top of the harvest of some crops, they soon arrive in glut quantities! Courgettes are the worse offender! It seems that if you turn your back for a second, they swell to monster marrow size! One great way to use up surplus is to pair the courgettes with a fruit which is also in abundance at...

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