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Chocolate and Beetroot Brownies

20.02 2017 Chocolate and Beetroot Brownies

We love Beetroot! They germinate easily, they’re delicious as a micro-green in salads, the leaves can be picked and used while the root continues to swell, they can be pickled or stored over winter, in mild climates they can even stay in the ground over the winter to provide a delicious veg to roast or to make beetroot soup or even to use in baking. This recipe isn’t just a means to use up excess beetroot (is there such...

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Hearty Pumpkin and Chickpea Stew

26.11 2016 Hearty Pumpkin and Chickpea Stew

Pumpkins are a great plant to grow in the garden as they look good and cover a lot of ground. it can be hard to know how many individual plants to grow as they can be a bit temperamental and, after planting, they can sulk for a bit so it looks like you might not have any harvest at all. This year our 5 plants produced some bumper Atlantic Giants for carving and some more traditional...

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Smoked Goose Breast

05.05 2016 Smoked Goose Breast

Without doubt, this is my favourite homemade charcuterie and is relatively easy to make. The key is controlling the temperature of the smoke. Smoking the Goose begins at low temperature for flavouring and then the heat is turned up to cook the breast. Ideally, you should ensure that the cold smoke stays below 5 degrees Centigrade and after the cooking stage, the breast must have reached 65 degrees at the core. The cold smoke temperature is...

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Chocolate, Chilli and Tequila Brownie Cake

26.04 2016 Chocolate, Chilli and Tequila Brownie Cake

Ingredients 200g dark chocolate 200g butter plus extra for greasing 4 eggs, room temperature 150g caster sugar 20g plain flour 60g ground almonds 1 tsp ground habanero chilli Pinch of Sea Salt 2 tablespoons Tequila Cocoa powder for preparing the tin Method Preheat the oven to 170C. Grease a 23cm springform tin or bundt tin and dust with cocoa powder. Melt the chocolate, butter and ground chilli together and leave to cool slightly. Beat in the eggs, one at a time. Mix in the sugar, flour, almonds, salt and tequila. Pour...

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Chocolate Prosecco Truffle Salami

26.04 2016 Chocolate Prosecco Truffle Salami

Ingredients 200g butter 140g caster sugar 4 eggs 2tbsp cocoa powder 50ml prosecco Pinch sea salt 250gdark chocolate 140g shortbread biscuits, roughly chopped 100g roughly chopped blanched almonds 100g roughly chopped brazil nuts 100g roughly chopped hazelnuts Method Cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. Add the eggs, one at a time, beating continually (don’t mind the appearance!) Add the Prosecco, cocoa powder and salt. Melt the chocolate and allow to cool a little. Beat into the mixture and fold through the chopped biscuits and nuts. Put a...

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