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Summer Newsletter 2012

Croan Cottages
Holiday Homes in Kilkenny, Ireland
Summer Newsletter 2012

– News from the Gardens
– News on the Animals
– Some Recipes for this time of the year

– Local Festivals
– A 10% discount for every reader!
Gift Vouchers
Our gift vouchers have proven to be very popular gifts.
If you know someone who might enjoy a break in beautiful Kilkenny, why not get them one their birthday or anniversary.

The vouchers are available for any amount and we can even personalise the voucher for you.

You can buy the vouchers on our website or give us a call and we will post them to you.

Summer Holidays 2012
There is very limited availability for the rest of the summer holidays at Croan Cottages.
Visit our website to check availability and to book online!
Award winning Croan Cottages

Croan Cottages Summer 2012
We have finally changed the style on our website to ‘summer’. We are hopeful that this will trigger a change in the weather and the gorgeous sunshine in Jackie’s images will be reflected in actual sunshine for the rest of the summer.
Plenty of wildlife on view
As I look out the window typing these, I can count 16 rabbits on the lawn. It’s broad daylight, and they’re scampering around like they own the place!

We wouldn’t mind so much if they were making a bit of a dent in the phenomenal grass growth, but instead they have managed to make their way into the walled garden and have destroyed our young brassicas and virtually all of our peas.

Our neighbour John popped by with his 2 Ferrets Milly and Ginger to see if we could shift the Rabbits out from the Walled Garden.
In fact we discovered that they aren’t living in there – just visiting for an occassional meal!
We had a visit a couple of months ago from some licensed hunters from Cork – maybe it’s time to invite them back!-)
At least the grass growth should ensure a bumper hay crop to keep
the animals healthy and happy over the Winter months. At the moment, the hay meadows are full of colour, purple seed heads, buttercups, meadow orchids and a beautiful array of wildflowers. It will almost be a shame to cut it.
strawberry Thankfully, the rabbits don’t have a taste for strawberries which are in all of their tasty glory at the moment.

Baskets and baskets of luscious fruit for us and our guests to enjoy and the raspberries aren’t far behind.

Plenty of fruit for us to enjoy now and to use in jams, jellies and our favourite, Summer pudding.

Niamh has posted a recipe for Rhubarb and Strawberry cake on our blog – see the link below.

Garden Produce
The cool temperatures in the early part of the Summer have meant that everything’s a little behind schedule this year, but our cucumbers, lettuces, soft fruit, spring onions, potatoes and rhubarb are doing very nicely.
Our greenhouse got a major makeover over the Winter months: sanded, cleaned and oiled. It looks well for it and the wood glows in the evening sun. For the first time ever, we’re cautiously optimistic of a good grape harvest. We also planted a fig inside which is beginning to bear fruit.
In the Kitchen Garden, Sea kale and asparagus have been planted. We’ll need to wait two years before harvesting any of the latter, which could be a problem – culinery patience isn’t our strong point.
In the Orchard, new plantings for this year include Quince, Walnut and Almond trees.
News on the Animals
The new additions to the Croan animal family are settling in well.
Congratulations to Eimear Vize who won our Facebook competition to name our new calf: Boann.
Boann is named after the Celtic goddess of cattle.
Boann is weaned now and is out in the paddocks with the goats and sheep.
As she gets bigger, we can see a competition develop between her and Daisy to see who is the boss in the fields at Croan.
Lucy and Bob, our handreared lambs, have grown up to be fine sheep.
Our two piglets are as different as chalk and cheese, so that’s what we call them.
Chalk is pink, Cheese is black.
Chalk squeals, Cheese grunts. Chalk is a bit of a bully, Cheese is very laid back.
The piglets were a big hit with the children from Kells Preschool who came to Croan Cottages for their annual trip in june. While the kids were here we let them test out the Nature Hunts which we have developed for children who stay with us.
Croan Cottages on Facebook
We really enjoy using our Facebook page to post regular news, updates, photos and recipes from Croan. If you are on Facebook, check out http://www.facebook.com/Croan.Cottages and be sure to ‘like’

our page to keep up to date with all that’s happening at Croan.

We’ll also use Facebook to post details of some of the amazing festivals and events taking place in Kilkenny over the Summer months. We’re particularly looking forward to London’s Globe Theatre coming to perform Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like it’ in the open air at Kilkenny Castle in August as part of Ireland’s premier Arts Festival www.kilkennyarts.ie.
The Three Sisters River Festivals

will be continuing throughout the Summer with a focus on water based events and biodiversity kilkennytourism.ie/three_sisters_river_festival

Local events such as the Abhainn Ri festival in Callan in July and August, Heritage Week in August and many others promise a wealth of things to see and do this Summer, many of which are free!
Croan Cottages Videos
In Spring, the cherry blossoms at the cottages were amazing. Probably the best display we have ever seen. We captured them on video and posted the result on YouTube – Pierre the peacock even put in an appearance! Check it out here
We’ve also just had the videographer Aine O’Meara with us to compile another short video to post online. We’re really looking forward to seeing the final cut.
Niamh has prepared some delicious recipes to use up seasonal bounties! You can see them all on our website and here’s some links to the latest:
We post recipes on our blog and our Facebook page thoughout the year. Be sure to visit to get copies.
Trails in Kilkenny – a reminder
Building upon the fantastic range of talent available in our area, Kilkenny tourism have compiled a series of Trails, for lovers of Food, Crafts, Walking and Cycling. Maps and details are available fromTrailKilkenny.ie and also in the information and activity folders in our cottages. The Castlemorris Trail is right on our doorstep and is ideal for those who like a moderate challenge and those visiting with dogs.
Discounts for newsletter subscribers
As always we offer a 10% discount on all bookings for readers of our newsletters.
Simply use the code ‘sum2012’ when making a booking on our website to receive the discount.
Niamh and Francis

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