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New Festival for Kilkenny

15.02 2013 New Festival for Kilkenny

We are delighted to hear that Kilkenny adds a new festival to the list from 2013 –  Kilkenny Tradfest. Kilkenny Tradfest will take place on the 16th & 17th of March 2013 in the Medieval City of Kilkenny Ireland! Organised as part of the Gathering Ireland the festival will bring you the very best of traditional Irish musicians, singers and dancers as well as a feast of family fun and entertainment. Most of the events are free too! The...

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Making a wood fired Pizza Oven

09.01 2013 Making a wood fired Pizza Oven

This has nothing to do with the cottages, recipes or any of the other stuff that we normally post about  but, it might be of use to someone. We made a Wood fired Pizza/Bread oven last year and have uploaded some ‘in progress’ photos to Pinterest. If you plan to make one, these might be of use. http://pinterest.com/croancottages/outdoor-wood-fired-pizza-oven/

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Bee jobs in Autumn

22.10 2012 Bee jobs in Autumn

Despite the summer being very wet, the bees are happy and have been very busy. At this time of the year, we remove the Supers from the hives, full or not. We tend to leave lots of Honey for the Bees, not harvesting all that we could. Particularly in a Hive with a large population of Bees, I think that leaving large stores of Honey for the Bees means that more of them will survive...

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Bed and Breakfast

15.09 2012 Bed and Breakfast

Soon we will be offering a Bed and Breakfast option for guests who would like to stay in Croan House. We have been busy getting the rooms ready, replacing old sash windows with similar (but double glazed) new ones and upgrading the insulation and heating, etc. We think that this will be particularly popular with guests who are hosting a Wedding celebration at Croan. If you would like to stay in the house, drop us a line...

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Videos of Croan Cottages

01.08 2012 Videos of Croan Cottages

We have a couple of short videos up on the Croan Cottages YouTube channel which give you an idea of what Croan Cottages look like. We hope that they also bring back some happy memories for people who have stayed with us already. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/user/CroanCottageshow to write an essay

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