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Home Smoking and Preserving with Steven Lamb from River Cottage

17.11 2019 Home Smoking and Preserving with Steven Lamb from River Cottage

Saturday 25th April, 2020 €215, includes Lunch, notes, snacks and goodie bag. Quite simply, one of the best food tutors there is returns to Croan Cottages, from his usual haunt at River Cottage. We are delighted to host Steven Lamb as he helps us explore the techniques originally used to save food, now used to enhance some of the finest flavours in it. Most of these skills have been lost for all but the most dedicated fans of...

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Introduction to Smallholding Course

02.06 2018 Introduction to Smallholding Course

  Details Date: Saturday 11th April Saturday 9th May, 2020 9:30 am – 5:00 pm Cost for this course is from just €145 including lunch and refreshments. Saturday 11th April, 2020 Day Course Only €145.00 EURDay Course & 1 Night Accommodation p/p €195.00 EUR Saturday 9th May, 2020 Day Course Only €145.00 EURDay Course & 1 Night Accommodation p/p €195.00 EUR This introduction to Smallholding course will cover the skills and techniques needed for those who dream of establishing or expanding their smallholding. Residential...

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Introduction to Beekeeping

02.06 2018 Introduction to Beekeeping

Dates in 2020: 23rd May, 20th June, 18th July and 29th August 2020 Open to everyone interested in keeping honey bees, this one day Beekeeping Course is intended for beginners or for existing members to update their beekeeping skills. Who should attend: The Beginners Beekeeping Course is ideal for those who have had some previous experience with keeping bees and for those with no previous experience whatsoever. When is the Course on? This one day course runs on Saturday...

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Wine Tasting in Kilkenny

28.02 2018 Wine Tasting in Kilkenny

Great fun for a Hen Party or a group of Friends, a Wine Tasting or Wine Appreciation class are one of the most popular activities at Croan Cottages. Each wine Appreciation class generally runs for 1.5 – 2 hours and is more about learning how to evaluate and appreciate ANY wine, rather than learning about a particular grape of brand. Everyone gets to take home wine and tasting skills and knowledge that they can use to...

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Lawn Labyrinth

03.09 2016 Lawn Labyrinth

This year, inspired by the great Monty Don, I decided to layout and mow a Labyrinth on the Lawn at Croan House. A Labyrinth is a curving path and has just one path (in and out). So, it’s not possible to get lost in a Labyrinth – that’s a maze! There are lots of guides online as to how to lay out a Labyrinth, so I won’t repeat the instructions here but the equipment I found...

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